Saturday, March 19, 2011

Way Back Into Love

 I fell in love again..
Is that true..?
 What should i do..?
That love had already gone for a long time ago..
 Hey.. I love you..!
Do you hear me..?
   One thing i know..
 Where there is great love..
There are always a miracles.. 

 All i wanna do is find a way back into love.. 
I can't make it throught without a way back into love..
 And if i open my heart again..
I guess i'm hoping you 'll be there for me in the end..
I'm hoping you 'll show me what to do..
  And if you help me to start again..
    You know that i 'll be there for you in the end..

 I need some inspirations..
 If i say i love you.. and if you love me too..
   Love me for who i am..
And.. For sure i will.. 
  Love you with all my heart..
I 'll do everything for you..
 Only you.......

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