Saturday, March 19, 2011

Way Back Into Love

 I fell in love again..
Is that true..?
 What should i do..?
That love had already gone for a long time ago..
 Hey.. I love you..!
Do you hear me..?
   One thing i know..
 Where there is great love..
There are always a miracles.. 

 All i wanna do is find a way back into love.. 
I can't make it throught without a way back into love..
 And if i open my heart again..
I guess i'm hoping you 'll be there for me in the end..
I'm hoping you 'll show me what to do..
  And if you help me to start again..
    You know that i 'll be there for you in the end..

 I need some inspirations..
 If i say i love you.. and if you love me too..
   Love me for who i am..
And.. For sure i will.. 
  Love you with all my heart..
I 'll do everything for you..
 Only you.......

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Girls.. don't be fooled by casanova...

Do not be fooled by Kasanova
Be careful!!
He is in anywhere..
He has a long noise..
He just want to have a date..
He love to have many girls..
He is inteligent in tricks..
When he got to touch that girl..
He is don't mind to leave her..
He wanted to sastify his lust..
He treat all women..
He has no love..
He just..
A good liar...
Its so dangerous when...

What happened??

That is the only ending..
To all girls..
What should you do??
Don't trust Casanova!
How to detect this kind of person?
Do a research first!
Ask your friends who know him very well..
Believe or not..
If majority said so?
Just believe..
There is no benefits for you..
To have a relationship..
Say no to Casanova!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Please.. please and please.. dont be like me..


       I know.. Many students are in love today..
           But.. How hard and strength the relationship is?
How far you will trust the person you love?
  How smart are you able to manage it?
   Shall we think about it for a while...
              Sometimes we may feel the relationship was to last forever..
        However.. Why there is still a broken hearted lover?
 Not even one or two.. too many of them..
     The truth is.. Love is not just the words..

 When you are in love.. 
         Make sure you are completely willing to accept their weaknesses..
     Love is a sharing in a life..
   Love is not about we are looking for a perfect person..
Perfect love is when you are both able to receive each of shortage..
     Please don't say "i love you" if you do not know the true meaning of it..
No doubt as to reveal the word..
 The most important is..
Please don't be like me..
   It was my fault since from the beginning..
  I never appreciated the real love...
                This is a lesson for me..
            I am so sorry...
 Please.. Cherish that love.. protect it...
    I cried on you all.. don't be like me..
  Please don't take love as a game..
Once you got couple.. 
  Try to learn not too rush..
Just stay cool..
   Slowly and steady...
    Love him.. her.. 
Deeply inside your heart..
  Always saying....
 I will never leave you..
Whereever you go..
   Whatever you do...
I will always loving you...
 For sure.. It will be...
Happily ever after.....

And... lastly..... please...... please and please........ don't be like me..............

 Hey Love! i know you will hear this...

Hey Sweetheart... u know why? Because i love you...

I suppose you are here with me..
Maybe i won't be myself..
Your shadow that will always accompany me..
Filling my silentness at night..

I always want to be with you..
I will never turn myself away fron you..
Even if you are far away from me..
I will always wait..
Because i love you...

My heart will always call upon your name..
Listen to it my love..
I promise my love is only for you..
And will never for others..

Do you miss me the same way that i miss you?
Will i ever be able to fall asleep?
Without you beside me..

I will always wait for you..

I translated into english from this song "Kerna Aku Sayang Kamu". Check it out.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

End of the second semester...

My heart saying...

I Love You all!!

 See.. I ve done "C" together with them....
Smile... (^___^)
 I love when they took pictures together like a fairy tale...
 They are my family.. here.. in this campus... Yet they are crazy... but they are the best in the world.....
 They are always staying in my heart.. Maybe.. Love also can be build through friendship..

At last.. 
I'm not alone anymore....

Thanks my dear friends.. you all coloured my life...
before this, I'm always lonely..
This final exam, of course I will do my best ...
I apologize for my attitude all this time..

They are the best to me on this campus..
thank you for the surrogate to sleep in the room you two..
One day I would recompense both of you!!

When I saw this picture.. (^___^)
I realized... 
I was able to smile even though I'm single...

And.. This girl always accompany me when I need a little attention...
My lovely best friend ever...