Sunday, March 13, 2011

Girls.. don't be fooled by casanova...

Do not be fooled by Kasanova
Be careful!!
He is in anywhere..
He has a long noise..
He just want to have a date..
He love to have many girls..
He is inteligent in tricks..
When he got to touch that girl..
He is don't mind to leave her..
He wanted to sastify his lust..
He treat all women..
He has no love..
He just..
A good liar...
Its so dangerous when...

What happened??

That is the only ending..
To all girls..
What should you do??
Don't trust Casanova!
How to detect this kind of person?
Do a research first!
Ask your friends who know him very well..
Believe or not..
If majority said so?
Just believe..
There is no benefits for you..
To have a relationship..
Say no to Casanova!!!

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