Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hey Sweetheart... u know why? Because i love you...

I suppose you are here with me..
Maybe i won't be myself..
Your shadow that will always accompany me..
Filling my silentness at night..

I always want to be with you..
I will never turn myself away fron you..
Even if you are far away from me..
I will always wait..
Because i love you...

My heart will always call upon your name..
Listen to it my love..
I promise my love is only for you..
And will never for others..

Do you miss me the same way that i miss you?
Will i ever be able to fall asleep?
Without you beside me..

I will always wait for you..

I translated into english from this song "Kerna Aku Sayang Kamu". Check it out.

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